Fee Schedule

Rates for Single Family Residences & Townhomes/Condominiums

Welcome Home Property Services, LLC offers three basic month-to-month home watch plans.  Clients who elect to sign six month or more contracts and pay in advance will receive a 10% discount*.  The rates are as follows:

Rates for Single Family Residences (Interior and Exterior)

Weekly Visits (4): $240.00 / $216.00*
Bi-Weekly Visits (2): $135.00 / $121.00*
Monthly Visits (1): $ 75.00 / $ 67.00*

Rates for Townhome/Condominiums (Interior Only)

Weekly Visits (4): $160.00 / $144.00*
Bi-Weekly Visits (2): $ 90.00 / $ 72.00*
Monthly Visits (1): $ 50.00 / $ 40.00*

Concierge Fees

Pre-Arrival/Opening Service: $75.00


Departure/Closing Service: $95.00


Cleaning Service: $90.00, starting fee, based on size of home.

Fridge Stocking Service: Fees based on hourly rate of $50 per hour, cost of groceries, and travel time, with a one hour minimum charge.  

Meet Service Providers/Receive Deliveries: $50.00 hourly rate, with minimum of one hour charge.

Key Management: $50.00 Annual Fee

Store and release keys to contractors per owner’s permission.

Emergency Response Service: $75.00 per visit, plus an hourly rate of $50 per hour, after the first hour.

Pre-Storm & Post-Storm Services: Rates based on (1) monthly visit rate for your residence type, if given 72 hour prior notice.  If less than 72 hour request notice is given, Emergency Response Fees will be assessed.  Although we will do everything we can to secure your home, Pre-Storm Services are based on first come, first serve basis.  All contracted clients will receive storm notifications and updates, to help you prepare, in advance.

* With all contracted Services, you will receive copies of your Home Checklist results per visit, along with pictures if requested.

* In the event that a problem is detected that require immediate attention, you will be notified by phone.  After contacting you, we will gladly contact your preferred vendor, to make any necessary repairs.  If you do not have a preferred vendor, we can provide a list of our preferred vendors and contact them on your behalf.  Extra Services will be billed by the repair contractor, directly to the client. 

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