Concierge Services

Welcome Home Property Services, LLC makes your coming and going, effortless and convenient, with our Pre-arrival and Departure Services.  Our Pre-arrival service provides you a confident comfortable return, while our Departure service ensures that your home will be properly secured while you are away.

Pre-Arrival Services

  • Retrieve Mail

  • Confirm prearranged arrival cleaning is complete, or schedule one for you*

  • Confirm water heater is on and check breakers

  • Turn on ice maker

  • Put out porch/deck furniture (if stored inside)

  • Confirm that all interior/exterior lighting is operating properly

  • Check AC air filter (change if necessary and requested by owner)

  • Set Thermostats to owner's requested temperature

  • Confirm clocks are set properly

  • Confirm interior/exterior lights are on for night arrival (if necessary)

  • Open drapes for day arrivals (if necessary)

  • Fridge Stocking*

  • Confirm alarm is set

  • Confirm doors are locked and secure

Departure Services

  • Schedule departure cleaning*

  • Confirm water heater breaker is off

  • Confirm ice maker is empty and off

  • Dispose of perishables

  • Take out trash

  • Confirm doors and windows are locked and secure

  • Confirm thermostat is set to owner's requested temperature

  • Close blinds/drapes

  • Confirm lights are off

  • Confirm door alarm is set

  • Confirm doors are locked



Additional Services Available on Request

  • Meeting with Services Providers / Deliveries

  • Key Management

  • Emergency Services (alarm company contact)

  *  Additional fees may apply

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